I’ve never been political. Until this past year, I couldn’t have cared less about the presidential race or any current event for that matter. If it wasn’t a blurb on FB, I would have been none the wiser. Until this past year I was content to be oblivious, but really just ignorant, with events happening in the world.

Today just made me sad-for educators and for our country. Nineteen days of- I don’t even know how to describe it. I am disappointed that this is the image of our country, in this moment. I hope this is a tiny blip in our trajectory forward.

I totally admit I have only walked in white girl shoes. I grew up in a border town. I know what immigration looks like. They’ve had ‘the wall’ for years and it takes hours to cross the border legally. Like any immigrant, they are coming for better opportunities. People come to have better lives than the ones they left behind- your basic social studies class tenet.

It’s no secret I have had a jillion jobs, but at their core they have always been in the service industry. I got my undergrad degree in Hotel Management- the epitome of immigrant employment. I can tell you that it is not many ‘natives’ that are washing the dishes, doing the laundry, mopping, or the cooking.  The pittance these jobs pay makes that hotel job just one of their full-time jobs. They aren’t stealing jobs from anyone.  They’re also the folks manicuring your yard, taking care of your children, building your city and keeping your house as well as many other jobs that most people would never choose to do.

I ‘ve been in education for over ten years, which is also a service industry. Until this school year, I had only worked at impoverished schools with minorities and immigrants. The schools and student populations are getting cheated economically and socially by the continued divide of the haves and have nots.  Teachers are not the scapegoats for failing schools! Many other social and political schemes are at play here. Charter schools and vouchers made their last digs in the sadly failing economy of Michigan. Today we voted to share this travesty with the rest of the nation. How did we get here?

It’s my opinion, but we have been losing the tenets of our country pre-DJT, but now there seems to be a champion for creating more division between us. Immigration has been the basis of our country- our diversity and opportunity set us apart from the world. 

I admit my skepticism is very strong about our new administration. American First? I hope that means looking at all criminals. Helping the homeless and feeding the hungry. Good housing. Secondary education that isn’t ridiculously overpriced.  Job training that reflects a modern society. Stopping child abuse and fixing CPS. Help for those with addiction. Paying a fair wage.

We have a really big mess and I hope Americans do become priority. I just don’t think we are going to get there by shuttering the windows, locking doors and turning in on ourselves. I think there is enough for everyone- anyone who wants to seek refuge and have opportunities. Maybe we haven’t gone about it the right way, but scrapping it or isolation is not the answer.  We have good things that need improvement.  We need to rally around something better.

Maybe I’ve become too polarized by the news. I have taken on Twitter and I am too fascinated by the influx of information and opinion. I think I might be slightly obsessed with ‘fake news.’ Whatever the case, I am glad that all of this has made me more aware of the need to be informed and to understand the direction we are going. I know I am not going to let ignorance catch me behind the times any more. I still hope for better times ahead- we really need them!

In the meantime, I am getting comic relief watching SNL…because they’re killing it!



34 pounds to go

4 books out of 75: 2017 Reading Challenge

We are well on our way to our healthy goals: Ed is down 15 pounds and I am down 10!

We have kept our gym vow and are still low carbing- we can do this!

One credit card bill vamoosed.

My new binge, though belated, is ‘Call the Midwife’- British, as usual. 

The weather is warmer, it’s payday and we are sipping near an open flame. January is pretty good, at present.



We have resuscitated the 2008 8GB iPod yet another time. The 2017 starting lineup playlist has been established, as well as my 2000s playlist revamped. Blame the free Sirius XM I got over the hols. Mostly old stuff but I’m still grooving:

My car has a theme song!

Their concert brought this back in my mind- great song!

One of my first Napster downloads lol- saw this movie over the hols

Sirius XM Special and a Texas Tech Dorm Classic

Great opening

One of my favorite cassette tapes!

Stops One Being a Snapper

Look- a new song [for iPod] and her album

Beverly Hills- What A Thrill. Don’t Know Why I Like This Breakup Song?

Swan Song for Macatraz

So 90s sounding- We would have loved it then

Love this Remix of an Old Favorite

Great Cover of another Fave

Overheard 3x This Week- It’s A Sign







40 pounds to go

7153 steps/ 907 calories [thanks gym]

1 0f 75 books: 2017 Reading Challenge

I think my choice of a Chipotle salad with that suspect guac backfired on me, so not much scale progress. As recompense I tried to eat less and was mostly hungry- a tangled web. Leaning low carb/keto- ish the more I hear about it. Gym check. Wow, how boring can one be.

My mom bought Ed and I DNA kits for our anniversary- interesting choice. Ed’s will obviously be 98% European- 87% Laplander for sure; he is proud of his remaining Lithuanian fine peasant stock. As for me- I am opting for South African or Dutch. I’m adopted so it’s a crap shoot anyway. I still harbor the fantasy that my biologicals have no living heirs for their massive fortune and are looking for me. Ellie Goulding did say that ‘anything could happen.’

Well, off to plan Eastern seaboard camping this summer. We’ve never camped so you can only imagine….



40 pounds to go

9664 steps/629 calories

1 of 75 books: 2017 Reading Challenge

Four pounds down in a day, obviously pop tart bloat/binge, so the real work now begins.

Managed to get some decent steps in for the first day back as a desk jockey. I have barely made 5000 steps a day, if at all, since my job change. And this from just walking the pups!

Yes, a major case of the Mondays today but work pays for the fun.

I made the very second omelet of my life and it was complete rubbish. However! 

However- I saw a video on the FB from Insider Food about taco shells made of cheese. Two wonders in one! Further interwebs note that a mighty handful of shred cheese (any choice) microwaved on parchment paper until the edges are brown (about a minute in a half) makes a decent shell. GAME CHANGER! Mexican food is literally back on the table.



44 pounds to go

7950 steps/451 calories

1 out of 75 books: 2017 Reading Challenge

Happy New Year! 2017 is perfect, bright, shiny and new. 

Today marks the zero hour. We have had a fiscal and physical ‘come to Jesus’ with ourselves. We includes the Mister.

 We have eaten our last tres leches, oreo, potato chip, Whataburger, fries, cake, croissant, ____ and enchilda for awhile. We have spent way too much for DINKS and need to address our spending. 

We WILL: workout at the gym, swear off carbs, pay half our credit card debt this year, and of course, travel.

I MAY attempt: 365 days of writing, knitting, dance lessons, art projects, house purging  and possibly cooking.

Today is my 9 year Fan-niversary of watching EastEnders- what a wacko episode today! RIP you Ibiza party animals!

Best of luck 2017.



Well, here were are at the closing of 2016, or close enough.

Professionally and personally it has been ok. I will close the year as chubby as I began it. My hair has more tinsel. That early creative streak tanked. I’ve learned so much. I became slightly interested in politics.

May all your dreams come true and you get something from your Amazon wish list this season. I believe this could fit in my stocking

I hope 2017 brings more hope, kindness, peace and prosperity. I will pay off those credit cards and save for a proper Europe trip! I will do and be more than I was in 2016!

Happy Christmas, Boxing Day, Prospero Ano and Epiphamus. 2017: please be gentle.

Just a little vid from a kinda weird movie, but I like this contribution to it: